Hey Hacksoc,

On Tuesday Rich and I will be starting our Introduction to Python Programming sessions. We’ll be teaching you the basics of programming using Python, a language which is one of the most well-used languages for teaching programming around the world.

Whether you’re a final year Computer Scientist, or have never touched code in your life, we’ll take you through the fundamentals of programming, introducing you to core concepts that will allow you to transfer your newfound knowledge to other languages. With the basics covered, we’ll teach you how to use Flask, a Python web framework which is incredibly easy to use, and show you how to build web apps and give you all the knowledge to build something really awesome in a hackathon.

We’ll be starting at 7.30 in The Hub in the School of Computer Science on Jubilee Campus on Tuesday 13th October, and aim to finish by 9.30-10. Please remember to bring your laptop so you can participate! To get set up, follow the instructions below, and if you have any trouble, ping us on #python-sessions on Slack!

Just so we know about rough numbers, and also so we can work out how best to pitch the session, please can you fill in this very short questionnaire - it’s literally 3 questions, and would help us loads to be able to work out what level of knowledge everyone has!

Setting up your machine

So we won’t have to spend too much time setting up things on Tuesday, please can you install the following:

Really appreciated! Looking forward to seeing you all there,

Rich and Jamie