HackSoc Nottingham



March 31, 2022


C33, Exchange Building

AGM (Elect the Next Committee!)

Come and elect your next committee!

On Thursday the 31st we have our AGM, where we will be electing next year’s committee. Candidates will give a short speech on why they should do the role, and then you, the members, will vote in the candidates you want to see on next year’s committee.

There will be free pizza for everyone that comes to the AGM, so please come along to vote!

If you are thinking of running for a committee position yourself, please do! Please send a manifesto to James Frost on the Discord, or email him. The manifesto only has to be a couple paragraphs saying who you are, what role you are applying for, and why you think you are suitable for the role.

Keep your eye on the Discord to stay up to date. A description of the roles will be posted there soon.