Esoteric Languages Workshop

An introduction to the world of esoteric languages (esolangs), which are programming languages without any real useful/practical value, but they are quite funny. Some Esolang examples are: Malborge, Piet, Chef, BrainFuck. This trivial snippet descirbes how to briefly print(“Hello world”) in the esolang Shakespeare: The Art of the Introduction. Romeo, a young man with remarkable patience. Juliet, a likewise remarkable young woman. The world. [ Enter Romeo and Juliet ] Romeo: Listen to your heart! Read more...

HomeBrew (Cafe Crawl)

For this event, Hacksoc will go across various unique cafes across Nottingham City Center. Last year, cafes visited included Dispatch, Coco Tang, Effy, and others.

Scheduling and Operations at Heathrow Airport

In this talk, Geert de Maare will be talking about his work at Heathrow Airport. This specifically includes working on some of the operations there and he will be going into detail about the hard mathematics and techniques used to solving the problems that occur with this. Geert is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, with specific interests in airline scheduling, airport operations and operating systems.

Computerphile Talk

Computerphile’s Steve Bagley, Mike Pound and Sean Riley will be doing an exciting talk on all their work fro the youtube channel. Feel free to join if you want to learn about the process and behind the scenes of the production process for Computerphile.


HackNotts is an annual hackathon hosted by HackSoc at the University of Nottingham. It’s a two-day overnight hackathon for all skill levels taking place on November 4th and 5th 2023. This is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and discuss new ideas and projects. Teams are not mandatory, as said previously. There will be loads of opportunities to find one though, including a team building workshop on the day along with the #find-a-team Discord channel. Read more...

The Making of a Programming Language

Zac Garby (former HackSoc president) will give a talk on the process of making a programming language. This talk will focus more specifically on how to create imperative programming languages. Zac has extensive experience implementing both imperative and functional programming languages. If you want to see more of his impressive work/projects, you can have a look at his Github: https://github.com/zac-garby

Conway's Game of Life (w/ Intel)

Dive into the exciting world of parallel computing with SYCL, using Conway’s Game of Life as our hands-on example. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this event is for you. Approachable for beginner to advanced C++ programmers, and fun to watch for all. Join us for: Introduction to SYCL: Learn how SYCL makes parallel computing accessible and powerful. Hands-On Coding: Apply SYCL to enhance the performance of Conway’s Game of Life. Read more...

Android Best Practices Talk

In this talk, Ed Holloway-George will talk about best practices for Android Development. Ed is currently working at ASOS as a software developer. He is a Google expert for Android, with a particular expertise in security. You can learn more about him on his website.

HackSoc EGM

Come along to our EGM to help us vote on whether we should introduce working groups to our society and to elect a new Welfare Secretary!

Hacker Round Robin

Hacker Round Robin (formerly Hacker Speed Dating) is an intense event in which participants are challenged to build a simple project. The twist is, every 30 minutes, you’ll be forced to move to the next computer. Work closely with the people next to you to catch up, not make it worse, and hopefully build a complete project!