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Newsletter: June 29, 2021

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EGM on the 13th of July!

Nominations for the remaining roles on the committee are now open, so be sure to nominate yourself if interested!

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EGM - Fill out your Next Committee!

On Tuesday the 13th of July at 7pm on our Discord we have an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to fill out the roles on our committee. Make sure you come along to vote, and apply for a role if you are interested in contributing!

If you want to run for committee yourself, please apply at hacksoc.net/nominate. You can apply for multiple roles, so don't hold back! The details about the roles are in section 5.3 of our constitution, but for your convenience I have reproduced them below.

We are also looking for people interested in organising HackNotts 2021, our annual hackathon. If you are interested please apply at hacknotts.com/organise, and we will get back to you.

Here are the available committee positions:

Vice President will do the following:

  • Share responsibility of the society with the President
  • Chair meetings of the Society and of its Committee
  • Be responsible for organising regular meetings and notifying committee of all other meetings that require committee attendance
  • Be responsible for taking minutes at meetings
  • Be responsible for communicating to the committee any messages that require action
  • Be the primary contact between the president and the special interest groups
  • Be responsible for the smooth running of the committee
  • Prepare a written handover for their successor

Welfare and Inclusivity Secretary will do the following:

  • Develop a culture oriented around inclusivity for the community
  • Be responsible for assessing the culture of the society in order to maximise appeal to a diverse group of members.
  • Shall prepare a written handover for their successor
  • Support activities that encourage diversity in the technology community, such as maintaining relationships with Tech Nottingham’s Women in Tech meet up
  • Shall be the primary point of contact for all welfare related issues for members
  • Shall sit on and be an active member of the School of Computer Science’s EDI Committee
  • Shall prepare a written handover for their successor

Social Media Secretary* will do the following:

  • Maintaining the society’s social media accounts
  • Ensure the society has an active social media presence on all platforms
  • Ensure all events are supported with effective advertising through social media
  • Work with the marketing secretary to design the social media presence of our marketing campaigns
  • Shall prepare a written handover for their successor

Marketing Secretary* will do the following:

  • Maintaining the society’s mailing lists
  • Shall prepare a weekly newsletter
  • Manage all of the society’s marketing campaigns
  • Ensure all events are supported with effective advertising through digital and print media
  • Ensure all events and news items are up to date on the HackSoc website
  • Maintain the SU page for the society, ensuring activities and key minutes are uploaded
  • Produce press releases where required and liaise with school regarding HackSoc activities
  • Shall prepare a written handover for their successor

Graphics Officer will do the following:

  • Actively update and maintain the HackSoc branding
  • Develop branding guidelines as needed
  • Be responsible for all print media produced
  • Be responsible for all static digital media produced
  • Shall prepare a written handover for their successor

Industrial Partners Secretary will do the following:

  • Aid the Speaker Acquisition Secretary and treasurer in procuring industry sponsors for HackSoc events.
  • Attend industry events to network to build up industry contacts.
  • Assist the Speaker Acquisition Secretary in finding and contacting speakers to partake in HackSoc events.
  • Follow up on appropriate industry partner suggestions proposed by other members of the committee.
  • Work closely with organisers of events to acquire sponsorship for events.
  • Work with potential sponsors to sell advertising spaces in the HackSoc newsletter.
  • Ensure that sponsorship is appropriately priced.
  • Shall prepare a written handover for their successor.

If you are interested in running for committee, please apply at hacksoc.net/nominate

*If we don't fill both positions, we will put forth a motion to merge the Social Media and Marketing Secretary roles into one, so if you apply, keep in mind that you may end up doing both.

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