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Newsletter: November 2, 2020

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Adding to Stack with .NET, Basic Game Development, and HackNotts soon!

Tomorrow we have a talk on Adding to Slack with .NET. Next week we have a workshop on basic game dev in Monogame and HackNotts is getting very close, so make sure you pick up your tickets!


HackNotts is less than a month away now, and we on committee are busy getting everything ready for HackSoc's greatest event of the year!

HackNotts is on the 28th & 29th of November.

HackNotts: Get your tickets NOW!

Every year HackNotts, HackSoc's very own hackathon, gathers hundreds of hackers to engage with new technologies, each other, and with the tech industry as a whole. Learn new skills, meet new people, and enjoy workshops and prizes from some great tech companies from Nottingham and beyond.

This year HackNotts has left our usual venue of the Ada Lovelace Computing Lab, and is instead coming to internet connected host near you!

Join us online this year for everything HackNotts is known for sans the food: great people, fascinating workshop content, unique swag, games corners, a giant bear, and more.

We also have a swag giveaway on Twitter where you can win just by using the hashtag #HackNotts2020 (You have a good chance of winning currently, so make sure you enter!)

Tickets are completely free and you can get them in under a minute at the button below.

HackNotts Volunteering

We’re also looking for volunteers to help out! This is a unique opportunity to help us out while also gaining valuable experience that looks great on your CV!

If you’re an experienced programmer, Mentoring could be the position for you. This involves being available for programming questions and advice through discord; if anyone needs any help with their project, they can come to you.

For those of you who would prefer to help in a less technical way, you might prefer acting as a Discord Moderator. You’ll be responsible for ensuring the discord is a safe environment for everyone. This is ideal if you have any previous experience moderating servers and/or events.

If you enjoy public speaking, then becoming a Host might be for you. This gives you a chance to engage with people, as you’ll be introducing guest speakers and workshops.

We also have the position of Welfare Officer, but due to the nature of the role, please note that we can only consider applicants that have completed a Mental Health First Aid course. We understand this is more of a specialist role, so if you are qualified, we’d love for you to volunteer.

If any of these roles appeal to you, click here to apply!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or ping @Hacknotts Organizer on Discord.

Upcoming Events

Our events run at 7pm over on Zoom. Join with the button below.

Adding to Slack with .NET - A talk by Steven Pears

Adding to Slack with .NET - A talk by Steven Pears

Coming up on the 3rd of November at 7pm we have a talk on adding to Slack with .NET.

Steven has been enjoying .NET since the beta was posted to him on CDs. Somehow maintaining gainful employment while at the same time loving regular expressions, he now works as a developer for Experian by day.

By night his open source alter ego tries to improve the experience of those working with tools such as Alexa and Slack by maintaining a number of .NET packages.

In this talk we look at dealing with the statement "Slack's great, it would be even better if...". From receiving a message, we'll build up our own Slack App using .NET Core to create an approval process inside Slack Showing how to communicate with users and add your own logic to this incredibly popular collaboration tool.

Basic Game Development in Monogame

Basic Game Development in Monogame

On Wednesday the 11th of November at 7 pm we have our DevSec Peter giving a workshop on basic game development in Monogame. He will teach you the basics of using Monogame to produce a simple game within the C# and .NET core ecosystem.

For this workshop you will need a copy of Visual Studio Code and .NET Core

Because of the interactive nature of the workshop we will be running it over on our Discord.

Cyber Team Events

Every Friday at 7pm we have our Cyber Security Workshops over on Zoom.

During this week's workshop you will have another opportunity to practice going through the process of gaining full control over a vulnerable server hosted on the tryhackme platform. Come along to learn some new valuable skills whilst also gaining an insight into how you can make your own projects more secure. No previous experience of programming or cyber security is required. It would be helpful however if you could install Kali Linux on a virtual machine before the workshop, if you have any problems doing this you could drop a message in the cyber security channel on the HackSoc discord or I can try and help during the workshop. A good tutorial for installing the virtual machine is here.

So whether you are a seasoned hacker, or just interested, be sure to come along.


University Radio Nottingham

Purple University Radio Nottingham logo.

Are you interested in working with University Radio Nottingham, UoNSU's award winning radio station? Having just gotten a new studio they are looking for people to get involved and join their tech team, working on exciting projects such as rolling out a new website, and a mobile app to allow people to listen on the go.

If you're interested just drop an email to [email protected]

Hello World! by Polkadot on Gitcoin

Hello World by Polkadot. Registrations open October 8th.

Polkadot is kicking off the Hello World! By Polkadot competition on Gitcoin, offering DOT and KSM for completing up to 23 challenges ranging from beginner to advanced.

In total, there are 23 different challenges over four categories: 7 Beginner, 3 Intermediate, 4 Advanced and 9 Ecosystem. Ecosystem challenges include their friends at Acala, Moonbeam, Phala, and Plasm. All challenges will come with extensive resources to guide you along the way.

All the challenges have been capped at maximum 50 submissions, so move quickly to be in the first 50 valid submissions to get your payout. Prizes per challenge are as follows:

  • Beginner - 3 DOT
  • Intermediate - 1 KSM
  • Advanced - 10 DOT
  • Ecosystem Challenge - 5 DOT

They also have an extra prize for the first 50 people that manage to complete 18 or more challenges: 150 DOT!

Join other participants, ask your questions, and follow the Polkadot community conversations on the Polkadot Discord, and join the competition here.

Join our Discord

The HackSoc Discord is the place to be this year. It is where you can chat about tech, or anything else, as well as where you can find out the latest information about our upcoming events.

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