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Newsletter: December 5, 2021

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End of Term Events.

Coming up over the next couple weeks we have a few good events to finish the term with.

Upcoming Events

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Christmas Pub Quiz

On Tuesday the 7th of December at 7pm we are having a Christmas Pub Quiz. This will be a bunch of questions devised by the committee covering topics from Christmas to computing, and everything in between. You'll compete in small teams (around 4 per team) and there are HackSoc hoodies to be won for the winning team.

After the quiz we will be playing some party games, so be sure to come along!

The event is taking place on the upper floor of the Rose and Crown, a pub next to Jubilee Campus. Here's a map.

Programming Café

On Thursday the 9th of December at 7pm in Exchange Building C33 we have another Programming Café.

This is a much more laid back event than our workshops and talks, just rock up and work on a project, and speak to other people about their projects! We’ll be encouraging people to do a brief show and tell towards the end, and you may end up spotlit in our newsletter!

We will also have tea and coffee.

Making a blog and getting it online!

On Tuesday the 14th of December at 7pm in Exchange Building C33 we have a workshop on making and hosting a website!

Have you ever wanted a website? Making a blog is a great way to boost your online presence, and is also a really fun way to express yourself.

This first half of this workshop will be Dev Sec Zac going through how to make a nice website with the Hugo static site generator.

The second half will be Gen Sec James going through how to host your website with GitHub pages with a custom domain.

If you follow along, by the end of this workshop you will have a website accessible on the world wide web!

How email works: A Talk

On Thursday the 16th of December at 7pm in Exchange Building LT3 we have a talk on how email works!

Email is a tool that has been around since the dawn of the internet, and is nearly ubiquitous, but have you ever thought about how it works?

In this talk Gen Sec James will be giving an overview of all of the different components that make email work, and why even after 50 years it is still hard to setup your own email server.

Other Goings-on

Next weekend is AstonHack, a hackathon put on by Aston University in Birmingham. While we are not doing an official trip, some members are going, and I imagine it will be great fun (as well as being free!), so be sure to pick up a ticket if your interested.


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