HackSoc Nottingham


About HackSoc Nottingham

A part of the University of Nottingham Students’​ Union, HackSoc is centered around getting its members building, learning, and sharing new tech. Every week we have programming tutorials for complete beginners, advanced topics with guest speakers, and throughout the year we travel to hackathons to team up with other students from around the world.

HackSoc is run by a committed and motivated team of students striving to give our members the best experiences possible.

Upcoming Events


Who can join?

HackSoc is open to all. From newbies to seasoned developers, as long as you’re interested in tech, HackSoc is for you.


Anyone with little or no knowledge of programming; no experience required!


Improve your skillset, meet other people like you and travel to Hackathons with friends.


Got an idea that could work with some programming? Come along to share your idea, build your idea and get great things made!